What is the outdoor
Outdoor normally, get out of the house, just call the outdoor, outdoor activities is also out of the house activities, but we refers to the outdoor is special outdoor, it is outdoor climbing, camping, cross, rock climbing, bungee jumping, drift, surfing, gliding, water skiing, ice climbing, orientation, hiking, skiing, diving, grass skiing, mountain downhill bicycle, cross-country mountain bike, hot air balloon, go against the river stream, the development, the flight slip line and so on, now you should understand that some of the right, then detailed to speak on outdoor:

Outdoor mainly has the following features
Most outdoor adventure with sex, belongs to the limit and the extreme sports, there are a lot of challenging and irritation. Embracing the nature, challenge themselves, to cultivate personal perseverance, team cooperation spirit, improve the field survival ability, by the young people welcome. Outdoor sports more and more attracted people's eyes, is increasingly becoming the focus of attention. In addition, because our country geographical conditions of the unique, have a good vast natural resources, also for outdoor sports provides a broad space.

Outdoor need what equipment
Outdoor cannot leave the equipment. Generally speaking, outdoor equipment can be divided into two aspects, one is the basic equipment, such as tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, clothing, shoes, blow with, map, compass, head lamp (including spare bulb and battery), emergency food, spare clothing, sun glasses, knives, fire, first aid box, etc. The second is different sports need strong professional equipment, such as expedition satellite positioning device, an iceberg with ice catch, mountaineering climbing rope, skiing skis, scuba diving diving apparatus, etc.