1. The summer in taking part in out-door sports note: sunscreen is very important
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1, prevent bask in

Summer coastline through or climbing, sunshine is quite strong, be sure to pay attention to prevent bask in. Generally speaking, the team start in the morning, arrived at the place of departure is nearly noon, team ahead of time is not long, has been at noon. This time the highest temperature, scorching sun, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine has special strongly, the skin long time exposed to the sun, can cause 1 ~ 2 degree burn, and will happen heatstroke phenomenon. Ultraviolet ray also can pass through the skin, bone, radiation to the meninges, retina, the brain and eye damage.

Measures: high temperature weather should try to avoid go coastline and ridge on the fire zone. To participate in the activities of the general must take a sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, towel, wear long sleeve blouse, and take rheo-camphoradin, Dan, ageratum upright pill, cooling oil etc sunstroke prevention medicine.

2, water

Summer outdoor sports sweat more, must be timely supplement moisture, but if the water way wrong, can cause undesirable consequence. A lot of beverage advertising in the model, in motion or at rest, often took a bottle of drink in one gulp, looks very thirst, in fact, from the Angle of exercise physiology speaking, is very harmful. Sports and sports after drinking lots of water, will give blood circulation system, digestive system, especially to increase heart burden, cause more fatigue. Drinking lots of water will only is the result of sweat more, cause salt further erosion, cause spasm, cramps.

Response: a few for many times, every time drink only drink a few mouth, the number of some water frequently, don't depend on the feeling of thirsty as supplement moisture basis, not thirsty also want to add water to the water balance to replenish. Don't a drinking lots of water, but not control supplement moisture, if moisture loss of not complement, serious can cause kidney failure.

Generally speaking, nanning peripheral summer day activities (5-8 hours), will need at least 2-3 litres of potable water, high temperature circumstances even need 6 premium. Suggest carrying quantity: 600 ml of bottled water with four above, 550 ml of sports drinks (grape optimum or better music), 1 branch above, pickled with 50 grams. Also can allocate sports drinks, recipe: green tea or black tea several (sacked 2 pouches), tang and the fruit taste powder impact drinks some, glucose several, edible a pinch of salt (optional, medical physiological salt best).

3, fever (heat exhaustion, heat)

Summer in taking part in out-door sports, due to the high temperature, amount of exercise, body heat accumulated more than sending out, if you don't pay attention to the prevention, it is easy to happen fever, slight fever for heat exhaustion, serious is heat stroke (also is heatstroke). In the high temperature weather movement, the human body in order to reduce temperature, skin blood vessels will be expanded, but also because of a large number of perspiration and lead to the phenomenon of water loss occurs, the cycle to the brain and other important parts of the blood will reduce to abnormal levels. The result can produce the following symptoms: pulse quickened, skin wet, dizziness, weakness, nausea, this is the heat exhaustion. If not timely processing temperature, the temperature of the body further accumulation and make the body's key organ temperature rise to a dangerous level, can appear emergency symptoms: pulse fast, weak, headache, mental state changes (consciousness fuzzy or can't fit, slowly fell into a coma), skin blanching and flood rubeosis, it shows that has happened heatstroke, if not handled in a timely manner, can have life risk.

Measures: because activities in order to prevent bask in and prevent body is thatch, thorns strain, on the march need to wear a hat, wear long pants, but it took cooling problems. In order to help the body temperature to send out, in the sun when descending water to soak hat, In the sunless place when walking, remove the hat, The rest of the time, as far as possible the backpacks down, put the coat neckline button untie some; The rest of the best place is less than the sun and ventilated place.

Marching on the way to pay attention to rhythm, a walk is unfavorable for more than an hour, high temperature circumstances 30 minutes rest time, according to the specific circumstances rest 5 to 15 minutes, lest pulse too fast, a high body temperature and a lot of sweat cause heatstroke. In addition, all the way must pay attention to supplement water, salt and electrolyte, with neat sunstroke prevention medicine.

If muscle cramps, immediately find rest areas, in the affected area massage, slowly will cramp parts of the muscle relieve stretch, the most important thing is timely supplement water and electrolytes.

When there is heat exhaustion after, must rest immediately, the best is to find a cool place, the patients feet up, head slightly lower, immediately added water and electrolyte and liquid things, take rheo-camphoradin, Dan, ageratum upright wandeng sunstroke prevention medicine.

When there is heat stroke (heat) phenomenon, must be processed immediately. The patient may because consciousness fuzzy to cooperation, must help patients to a cool place, use steam cooling method, the water sprinkle evenly to the patient's body, head, and constantly blowing, (had better have ice, with towel wrapped up on your head, body cooling). Wait until the body temperature returned to normal body temperature, they don't have to has cooled. But to continue to observe the temperature of the patients and health, because the body temperature may rise again and need to carry out further cooling. If the patient's vomiting reflection ability and swallowing ability no problem, can give patients drink cold liquid objects, supplement water and electrolyte and liquid things, take rheo-camphoradin, Dan, ageratum upright wandeng sunstroke prevention medicine.

Generally speaking, most of the thermal failure patients, after processing returned to normal after, basically can continue to finish the following activities. Serious heatstroke patients, unless the recovery is very good, it is suggested that look for a person to accompany let patients exit activities.

4, hot catch a cold

Summer at high temperature movement, the human body internal heat production quickly, skin blood capillary a large number of expansion, help body heat. If encounter too cold to stimulate, can make the body has open pore suddenly closed, cause body internal organ dysfunction, the brain temperature adjustment disorder, cause ill, often happen "hot catch a cold", also is the common cold in summer, and even cause more serious disease.

Measures: summer marching on the way, sweating, if there is mountain, streams, ponds, etc., or through the sea, must not covet at that time to cool off and immediately jumped down LiangShuiZao wash. Even though the activity came to an end, destination after, also have to wait for the body temperature drop down later LiangShuiZao wash. After the activity, if you return vehicle air-condition or is in air conditioning room, do not open the air conditioner directly on the body blow, had better be to open the window and door with natural wind cooling, such as body temperature drop down to open air conditioning.

5, cold drinks

Summer take part in outdoor activities, if there is iced drinks to eat, is a very enjoy, but activity or activities after the end, not immediately plenty to eat cold drink. Cold drink not only reduces the stomach the temperature, and also dilutes the gastric juice, make gastric physiological function is impaired, light is cause indigestion, diarrhea, weight tend to cause the acute gastritis.

Response: a small amount of intake of cold drink cooling advantage, but not excessive, according to the specific circumstances of specific treatment. You take before departure frozen drinks, etc., to a few times to drink. After the activity, must wait for the body temperature greatly drop down, just drink frozen drinks or beer, etc.

2. Research shows that: Germany hiking market scale close to 3.7 billion euros
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By the German association of hiking commissioned by a research shows that, Germany nearly 40 million hiking lovers annual equipment consumption is expected to 3.7 billion euros. The results based on the 7500 survey reports that.

This is called the hiking: a bright future market research report for the current Germany hiking market conditions to provide the reliable data and facts, which points out that about 3980 or 56% of germans think of themselves as "active hiking lovers".

"This means that hiking is German current favorite outdoor sports form," the German hiking association President Hans - Ulrich Rauchfuss doctor said. In addition mountain activities is also very popular in Germany a outdoor activities, this can be from mountaineering association member of the large number of evidenced in.

"In the past decades, our membership has maintained steady growth. 2009 new members 37000, growth of 4.57%, is we the most growth year." Germany mountaineering association spokesman Thomas Bucher said.

Although hiking, hiking and between mountaineering activities has not been clearly limits, but very clear point is "outdoor activities has become the mainstream in society today." Munich exhibition company CEO Klaus Wellmann said.

"Up to now hiking lovers have been Deuter biggest target customers group." The brand company CEO Bernd Kullmann said.

According to the study, the most popular hiking equipment is charge clothes (92%), followed in descending order by a backpack (80%), hiking shoes (72%), sleeping bags (62%) and hiking map (58%). But no matter what hikers purchase products, they choose the key standards are quality and functional.

The report is expected to Germany hiking lovers on the equipment of a year spent 92 euros per capita and therefore deduce Germany hiking market scale about 3.7 billion euros, but these figures do not include other populations in the outdoor equipment cost.

3. Health begins with one step summer heeling matters needing attention and the new way
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It is understood "heeling" comes from the United States, Europe and the United States fashionable, popular in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and other places, is a kind of new style, new movement, the world heeling gens about seventy million people. The so-called heeling, refers to the selected a route, walking or driving along the route to walk, time by a day to a few days inequality. In fact, it is heeling extreme sports one kind, it is a challenge to the people's psychological quality, and physical quality, but not like mountain climbing and heeling field exploration extreme sports that need to invest more economic costs to buy facilities, its minimum only need a pair of good shoes and a bottle of water, plus a few pieces of bread can go the. To the place where the family of heeling by general traffic is not developed, in for development or half development state, scenery is very distinctive, the people's physique, will and knowledge reserve all have a test. Especially in the summer, hot weather, high temperature, humidity is big, this to a certain extent, increased the difficulty of heeling. Here small make up to introduce some summer in the seven-hour should pay attention to common sense, please the seven-hour like friends in conjunction with their body circumstance, attention.

1 the seven-hour breakfast must eat good, proper drinking water

2 when heeling, clothing must be loose, belt don't system tight, clothes quality to absorb sweat, quick-drying for good, color with light color attune as well

3 when heeling, don't wear sandals, avoid injury

4 when heeling, try not to cover too strict, go against breathing and skin perspiration, bandwidth eaves of topi can, can be appropriate in the sun

5 when heeling, female compatriots don't polish, spray, aromatic cosmetics, because all cosmetics are chemical compositions, in hot weather, the person's skin pores are open, go against perspiration. The role of sunshine some people easy to produce allergic reaction, but also vulnerable to small biological attack

6 when heeling, speed can not be too fast, heart rate with no more than 120 times per minute for appropriate

7 when heeling, pay attention to adjust breathing, as far as possible not to speak to walk

8 when heeling, and obey the command, don't fall single, lest produce an accident

9 the way heeling rest, try not to sit down and rest time nor too long, right amount drink water, avoid suddenly drink into a large amount of water, increases cardiac load

10 in hot weather sweat more, can adjust water electrolyte balance, my practice is, 1000 ml of water, add a tablespoon sugar, fingers pinched a pinch of salt (I buy is not iodic salt)

11 the end rest, don't sit down at once, such as breathing, heart rate stable, then sat down to rest, rest, it is better to take off shoes, loosen your belt

And after the break, the start again, avoid to stand up suddenly

13 heeling on the way, appropriate raised his hands, the 10 PM shape, exercise upper limbs, alleviate cervical pain

4. Endurance running training off-road sport injury and prevention and treatment: injury prevention
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Cross-country motion due to space complex and changeable and route has certain sports injury risk, should be based on the project characteristics of comprehensive prevention. The main means to prevent including sports in the warm up before, rehydration, sunscreen and reasonable dress, The main attention to sports for different topographic traffic different run jump method and protection, the woods running self protection, movement of the fluid infusion, etc.; After exercise prevention should be strengthened relaxation exercises, nutrition and rest, and prevent infection. Based on the cross-country sports injury prevention will help to improve the training effect and cross-country race, so as to promote the popularity and development of the movement.

Cross-country sports injury prevention

Athletes usually should strengthen exercise to maintain good physical fitness, many damage occurs in the body tired, so keep fitness to prevent injury is very important.

Before motion must carry on the overall warm-up, special should include a lot of stretching.

2 hours before movement can begin fluid infusion, make the body before exercise good hydrated state, to prevent dehydration.

But in the ankle and knee joint wear protect surround, in order to increase the fixed and the support joints, prevent damage.

Wear long sleeve trousers, in case of skin damage.

Wearing the right shoes and cotton thick bottom socks. The choice of shoes should be comfortable and have good flexibility, don't wear new shoes to take part in the game.

The whole body to daub SPF 30 above the skin bask in frost to prevent sunburn.

Cross-country sports injury prevention campaign

To observe carefully map to choose suitable for their physical fitness and skill of optimum route. In the trees dense, terrain complex sections, even in running on the distance may be able to add far, but if there is road should be on the road ran into, and don't excite. Because of the complex terrain, in ran into process easily lost the direction, and both delay time, and easy to cause harm to the body. But if the two points between terrain are flat, trees not much, should be to direct cross-country is the best route to save energy and time. For scarp, large pool or difficult to climb high, should analysis the whole terrain, as far as possible to avoid these can't through the location, well ahead of the preparation, avoid injury.

Scientific run jump: cross-country motion spend most of their time in the running or jumping, scientific run jump to sports injury prevention. Cross-country race with other run the project, not only to maintain a certain run speed, and must have the ability to accelerate. So running process should pay attention to body parts movement coordination, and according to the route chosen by the reasonable distribution strength, running speed shoulds not be too fast.

The woods run pay attention to protect: the woods to be careful not to run by the branches, leaves and vines scratches, special attention should be paid to protect your eyes, with one hand or hands at any time to protect his face.

Timing fluid infusion, a few times: in motion should every 15 ~ 20 min added 150-200 ml sports drink. Don't to save sometimes give up fluid infusion, through the sports drinks add appropriate sugar and electrolyte is helpful to more lasting athletic ability.

After the injury to immediately stop motion, timely for help. Run with only injury aggravated, should quickly injury after treatment and in situ for help. All of the soft tissue injury shall be immediately brake, oppression local and raise limb. If possible, near streams in the cold. Carry on distress of the whistle, usually distress whistle is continuous and sound, every 1 second 1, then stop waiting for response. If no response, repeat whistling cry for help. Rescued in time and get medical treatment is the guarantee of good prognosis.